Greatest Sporting Moment

It's over and what a finish. Won by possibly the most complete team ever to play. It didn't catch the popular imagination as we might have hoped but nonetheless was a great success in rugby terms. For England, and the rest of the Northern Hemisphere, a new beginning beckons. For many in the rugby world the morning after the final of an epic tournament feels somewhat empty and desolate. We have some terrific rugby to enjoy in the Premiership though where at least we can watch English teams winning, albeit against other English teams. 

This though, has made it for me. The greatest sporting moment I think I've ever seen and a moment that defines rugby. Sonny Bill Williams; kind spirited and generous sportsman and gentleman. He just made a bigger statement about rugby with one gesture than an army of PR dollies could ever conjure up and immediately gets inducted into the Good Guy Club. I think the BBC just found their Overseas Sports Personality winner for 2015, he's definitely mine. Obviously the security guard had been watching the whole rugby world cup bored out of his mind and then wide eyed with excitement; his big adrenaline pumping moment came. That kid was going down big time in his mind, nothing was going to stop him............. except sportsmanship. Probably feels a bit of a wally this morning.