Gunner; 2003-2016

We lost dear friend Gunner this morning. While sad it was the right thing. He had been suffering from a degenerative hip for some time and had lost considerable mobility. When a dog reaches the point of enduring rather than enjoying you know it's time.

Gunner came from Skipton in Yorkshire but displayed none of the traditional traits of irascibility and obstinacy usually associated with that county. His father was an English field trial champion and it showed. He was the easiest of puppies and the most biddable young dog imaginable. They say that Labradors are born half trained and Spaniels die half trained. Gunner certainly fell into that tradition and was a walking advertisement for the breed as a family dog. Gentle with children and cautious with strangers it was a rare to find oneself telling him off. In one moment of dissent though, when we moved from the last house, he laid down across the garden path and steadfastly refused to move, making the removal men step around him........ for five hours.

Gunner never lost his dignity, right up to the last. With Zulu and Gurkha they made our family life complete if occasionally chaotic. Now Diesel and young Arthur are left to fly the flag. Gunner was a decent fellow and the end was gentle and super quick. I'll tick that box if I ever have the chance. He will be missed.