Happy Birthday To Us

I do miss the toys.... oh I really do

Tomorrow is a rather special birthday for a rather special bunch. The Royal Artillery celebrates it's 300th birthday and will be celebrating the occasion by doing what it does best, making lots of loud bangs in a firepower demonstration, in amongst other events, in front of the Queen down at Larkhill.

My own small part in celebrating the regimental birthday can't wait until tomorrow for this missive dropped into my in-box from a friend a couple of weeks ago,

'in the absence of any invitations to official champagne soirees, Royal receptions or white tie dinners, we will be engaging in our own old boys’ Gunner gathering in the typical manner in an ‘ostelry in Salisbury the evening before, Wednesday 25th; standby for more details……………'

That won't be messy then will it..........?