High Bar


I was grateful to be invited to a 60th birthday party last evening. It was a first for me and I have decided I rather like them. The birthday girl had invited an eclectic collection of guests who touched every part of her life from school days onward. She had a good line in her short and emotional speech, 'I didn't bring my phone because if anything happens anyone I care about in the world is here.' 

 head for heights

head for heights

The venue was spectacular. I didn't realise you could throw a party on Tower Bridge. It is probably the best venue I have experienced. The choice of Tower Bridge had a lingering emotional trigger. Sue regularly walked across the bridge with her father when young and they used to say to each other, 'one day we'll have a party there.' Her old Dad is no longer around. I'm sure though he would have been proud as punch of his girl. 




Memorable party but she has set the bar rather high. I'm not sure how one follows that.