I Don't Look Good Naked Anymore

It's Day 75 of the extended January detox and apart from a seemingly deleterious effect on the frequency of blogging it's all going, well ok. I've dropped 30lbs from a post New Year over-indulged lardy self to a more respectable, but not quite lithe, weight. An instructor on my Combat Survival Instructors course once said to me, in his almost indecipherable Black Country dialect, 'it's good to fast now and again. It's good to feel hungry; not many people know what feeling hungry is.' Well I've got a newsflash for my old instructor. I've been hungry for 75 days, every single one of them. I'm in the groove though and am on course to hit the 3 stone in 3 month target and may plod on for a wee bit longer. People ask me why. The obvious answer is 'why not?' but the clip above probably sums it up better than anything I can say here. Food for thought you might say..