If it Were Me...

The runaway train that is the US Presidential Election is a catastrophe heading at full speed for the cliff. I'm as confident now as I was six months ago that Trump would surprise, if not astonish the watching world. International spectators for the most part have simply accepted what the Democratic leaning media have been pumping out and haven't looked closely at the underlying emotions which are driving his campaign. Unsurprisingly, they did the same in our recent referendum. 

That doesn't make me a Trump supporter. It makes me a realist. Neither candidate passes even a cursory suitability or sniff test. Both are too old, (they wouldn't be allowed to run a FTSE company in the UK), and the prospect of a 2017 US governmental meltdown giving the opportunity to rebuild is the only thing offering a glimpse of hope and optimism to many Americans.

Make no mistake, at some point Hillary Clinton is going to be indicted or impeached. Hiding and destroying evidence is not going to look good and that is just a starter for ten. What is going on is much, much bigger than Watergate and it is only in it's infancy. Were she to win the election, the post investigation result will be chaos given the faith of her millions of voters in the democratic process will be shattered.

But I don't think she'll win. The democrats only hope is for Clinton to step down now and give Biden a pass, (he's 100/1 at the moment which looks tasty). That though is not in her DNA. She'll spend the next week on the back foot while all Trump now needs to do is to start acting in a detached presidential manner with dignity and restraint. When Trump wins, I believe he will appoint some attack dog like Rudy Giuliani as Attorney General to conduct investigations. Then, stand back and watch the fur fly.

Anyway, looking to our own shores I've been inspired and fully intend to seek political office. I'm going to base my campaign on this advertisement which is quite the best political ad I've ever seen.