Instant Gratification

In The Dating Game, we discussed the rampant fashion among the young, (and actually beyond), for instant detailed background information on potential dates before agreeing to hooking up. One could suggest it lowers the risk of disappointment and might be a short cut to improving the gene pool by concentrating good DNA. Well, you could suggest it and you could be right if you sought a pool of narcissistic, self obsessed geeks. 

Interestingly, the Huffington Post re posts a piece from Wait but Why (which has some good links), who have also been looking at the trend for instant gratification but in the world of careers. In summary the piece suggests the parents of today's young enjoyed a period of unprecedented economic growth, fueled by low taxes, rising asset prices, relative job security and geo political dividends and have set the stage for the young to be somewhat over indulged in their aspirations and passions rather than to seek secure careers. Note to the young, most people I know who are able to retire early are those who went for the long slog rather than the quick fixes.

For sure, the one thing we can all probably agree on is the stomach churning world of reality television and the conveyor belt of temporary E list celebrities, all of which serve to present false expectation for easy access to fame and fortune on those least likely to achieve them.  

For what it's worth, I find most young people I meet to be pretty switched on, better informed, more worldly and many are more interesting than they get credit for. If anything, they strike me as a group to be a little too earnest in their approach to life and most are very concerned about the change in economic conditions and outlook that has evolved over the last five years. 

Anyway, agree or not, the piece is a thought provoking read. In passing, I'm beginning to conclude that beyond all the noise, there are very probably some very lonely people out there in the digital crowd.