Internet Irritation & Rail Rants

I was especially pleased with Mad, Bad, Axe and Wax being of course, a devoted student of the 3-Letter Kowtowsky-Liebstein Variant of the popular board game. 

I was especially pleased with Mad, Bad, Axe and Wax being of course, a devoted student of the 3-Letter Kowtowsky-Liebstein Variant of the popular board game. 

I fear I was alone in the family for the ten days over the holidays during which we had a complete internet outage in finding it somewhat liberating. No one seemed to share my sense of emancipation from digital shackles which was something of a shame really. My aspiration for special family bonding time, 'just like the power cuts when I was a boy,' met with fixed stares and the words 'fix it Dad,' and the heartening uplift in family games only led to sequential heavy defeats across the board-game spectrum ranging from Scrabble, Monopoly, Bastard Boggle and most disappointingly Backgammon, (incidentally, if someone ever suggests you play a game called Cards Against Humanity then run hard, run fast and don't look back).

Notwithstanding the 'Internet Incident of 2017,' as it will no doubt be remembered, what started as a slow momentum festive season seemed to reach something of a transitional pivot point round about the 22nd from when things seemed to go into top gear and stayed that way until last week. It was a runaway train I was happy to jump off. Sometimes, you really can have too much fun. So, into the cold and sober month of January when the taps are turned off. I'll probably crack on again for another couple of months this year after January - there is no way I'm turning up to watch a commissioning parade looking like a tub of lard. So, three months of goodness and virtue, water and green tea. How difficult really, can it be?


Most of the country didn't bother turning up to work last week and in fact this is the first full week for most businesses. I was then, slightly surprised when, arriving at Petersfield Station yesterday, there was no sign of my friends motor car, (he almost always is parked in the very first spot). I pinged a text to him to enquire if he was on holiday. He replied that he was not.... but I had evidently lit a fuse. He went on to text...


That's because after a year of faithful train commuting for the princely sum if £12k including car park, petrol, season ticket and before the odd taxi and cost of renting films to watch on the journey I have gone back to biking in as I have a space under the building to park for free and leave my kit on the bike This works in winter as London is completely devoid of hooray Henrys and ex pat suicidal Italians on bald tyred Vespa's as they only come out in summer and there are a huge amount less of crack-pot lycra-clad cyclists who seem on an endless mission to end their own lives prematurely by jumping red lights and undertaking lorries in the blind spots etc

Moreover, no 3 days go by without disruption since SWR took over 3 months ago and the system to refund the days when you are delayed has been designed by the direct decendants of the enigma code encryption designers. Just check out their website.


You know it's not going to be good when a bloke uses more than three words in a text. Perhaps he was having a bad day. There are very few South Western commuters though, who will not empathise.