It's All Changed Dad

The picture above is taken from the 300m firing point at Dreghorn ranges. In the dim and distant past I recall running the 8 miles from the Training Depot at Glencorse Barracks to this firing point to complete our Combat Fitness Test. I never much minded the longer tabs, I much preferred them to sprints. I was built for distance not speed, (in those days at least). Although not shown in the picture, a red flag flies on top of the hill in the background when live firing is taking place. I didn't much like that flag. At the end of the days firing some unlucky soul would get the nod to sprint up the hill to get the flag while the impatient remainder cleaned their weapons and waited to get on the transport back to Glencorse. If we happened to be short of time the Platoon Sergeant would point at a Black Watch recruit called Scrogie, rather as one would command a gun dog, and off Scrogie would go. That lad could run like the wind. On the Basic Fitness Tests, (1.5 mile jog followed by 1.5 mile sprint), he would be padding across the finish line while the rest of us were just getting in our stride from the start.  Anyway, I like to think of the Army as divided in two; those who did the sprint up the hill to get the flag at Dreghorn and those who didn't. One of the Crumble Kids who was there the other week tells me it's all changed. Hasn't everything? Now they have a little buggy, cart thing to trundle up and get the flag but where's the fun in that? You don't get memories from working easy.