James Booker; Legend

Man was a bloody genius

They say life is one big voyage of discovery and for sure, we never stop learning. Nor should we. There is so much to see, hear and experience that can enrich and at the minimum, simply make some of the more hum drum aspects of life just a little more bearable. 

In that vein I'm overjoyed that I've stumbled upon a new addition to my eclectic little music collection, the man they call the Bayou Maharajah, James Booker. Although he's been dead for many years,  Booker, a New Orleans born rhythm and blues pianist, has been described by a fellow musician as "the best black, gay, one-eyed junkie piano genius New Orleans has ever produced." Listening to the fellow, I'm just in awe. He clearly did things with a keyboard that have never been matched; its like listening to a ten piece band played with ten fingers. Read about him at your leisure but choosing my eight tracks for my desert island just got a whole lot harder. 

A lady called Lily Keber has made a movie about his life called "The Bayou Maharajah." Funded with modest crowd funding it's quite an achievement and I look forward to seeing it someday. In the meantime, it hasn't half cheered up getting on that bloody 05:57hrs from Petersfield.