Labour; The Real Agenda

Tom Watson; the Stalin to Corbyn's Trotsky

The Sunday papers are dominated by three themes. Japans fantastic win over South Africa yesterday, the refugee crisis, (and here we see the insufferable lie-down-and-cry luvvie lefties are quietly figuring out that perhaps their reflex, 'save them all, it's 1938,' reaction was perhaps a tad misplaced with only 1 in 5 migrants being in fact Syrian), and the car crash first week of the new Labour leadership. With Labour, all the papers miss the target.

While the media are diligently monitoring every move and utterance of Corbyn they are looking in the wrong direction. The key player is the new Deputy Leader, Tom Watson. He is Len McCluskey's  old flatmate and the Stalin to Corbyn's Trotsky. When Corbyn gets the metaphorical ice-pick in the forehead, Watson will automatically become leader, just as they planned all along.