Markets; Headwinds Abound

The papers abound with upbeat copy about UK growth and politicians are scrambling over each other to claim participation and responsibility.  Growth though, is anemic and there are substantial headwinds out there for investors. Many of those investors are very probably, and rightly, just getting on with their lives. It's time though, to join the Wide Awake Club. 

Markets will ebb and flow but structurally, they are weakening. The equity bull is anyway, growing mature and is into the normal timing zone for a cyclical bear mark to take hold. The coming months will be very choppy and conservative investors, widows and orphans should be extremely cautious and focus on capital preservation, not media headlines.

One man who has a good handle on events is Grant Williams, the author of the newsletter "Things That Make You Go Hmmmm." In this well worth reading piece he takes a look at some of those September headwinds.

Any passing reader for whom the whole financial press reads like something written by a mad Aramaic monk may wish to brief themselves with this video, also by Grant which, although a few months old, represents a good briefing on what has gone wrong in the past and how financial recovery may be nothing more than a mirage with the crisis about to intensify, once again.


If it leaves you slightly concerned.... it should; I am.  We're not quite at Defcon 1, Tin Helmet time but it's closing in.