Meet Arthur

Twelve months after we lost Gurkha we welcome young Arthur to the Crumble household, joining the venerable Gunner and the combustible but wholehearted Diesel. The name Arthur follows some enthusiastic family debate by email over the last three days. I wanted Brexit but the undecided's in the family vetoed it. I quite liked Timba, Kipling, Caber and also Magic and Midnight, ('they sound like strippers Dad'). Kobi, Tosca and Satchmo were others which failed to raise a flicker of passion. I liked the concept of Mrs F wandering through the woods shouting, 'Romeo, where are you?' for the next ten years but that also got short shrift. Some of the suggestions coming back the other way weren't worth a candle. Doggy MacDogface was a non starter along with Dogtor Who, Sent From My Iphone, Basil, Bharji, Blazer and Rudolf amongst a long list of others. Anyway, the judging panel, (me), has sat and unanimously voted in favour of Arthur, (after the Duke), thus blowing out the flickering light of nascent family democracy. Welcome Arthur!