The best sound in the world is that of a baby laughing. I don't miss much about not having them around but that sound just lifts and gladdens the soul. This kid isn't a Crumble Kid incidentally, they've had the good sense to grow up, but the clip does remind me of one particularly stupid thing I did when one of them was the same age. 

I was making her laugh by making silly noises and then, and I don't know what possessed me, I picked up one of those rattle toys that you can see in the clip with a plunger on the end. I then stuck it on my forehead. Cue lots of cute baby laughter. Right up until I tried to get the fxcker off. My God it hurt like a bxstard but eventually, I peeled it off leaving a bloody great four inch red circle in the centre of my forehead. I looked a weapons grade prat walking into business meetings for days afterward. 'Just back from India,' I would say nonchalantly.