The #metoo campaign has been a sobering one to observe over the past week or two. While hardly a shock and surprise that it was sparked by the outrageous behaviour of Weinstein, another product of an endless 100 year old line of pernicious reptiles from Hollywood, the ripples that have reverberated throughout the lives of many women from all walks of live have perhaps been more startling.

Even your correspondent considered publishing an account of his own moment of victimhood but my 'editor,' advises me that it would be ill-judged and completely inappropriate. I mostly won't then, be recounting the occasion when I was befriended, beguiled and bewitched by an older divorced woman. This formative experience would be better suited to a French black and white film about teenage rites of passage and hardly counts given I was a willing and enthusiastic, if clumsy and completely inept, participant. In retrospect, I think my 'Mrs Robinson,' was just playing with me as would a cat a mouse. It was the only time I've ever been picked up in a bar which at sixteen, I anyway had no business being in. In fact, it is the only time I've been picked up full stop. It would never happen these days of course; people simply don't talk to strangers, preferring to introduce themselves digitally which I can't help thinking removes much of the spontaneity of romance.

To the matter in hand, and putting aside the rank hypocrisy of Hollywood which has displayed fawning support over the years for other pests from 'I did not have sex with that woman,' to Mr Polanski, may I draw your attention to the excellent short film above, LAPS, which highlights how even the most ordinary situations can become menacing and sinister for woman. Made by Charlotte Wells without dialogue and with excellent cinematography and editing, it won prizes at the Sundance and SXSW film festivals. Well worth five minutes of your time.