Plea from Pia


A plea from my lovely friend Pia...... she has a point,

Do you remember when we used to say in this country about toasters and washing machines ‘why don’t they sell them with the bloody plug on?’ And now they do, right?

So can anyone tell me why Apple doesn’t sell their phones with the bloody screen protector? So that cack handed people like me don’t have to wait a few days and then stick on a smeary, bubble infested and wonky bit of clear stuff? For crying out loud, the amount they charge, you’d think they would bung on the things that we all buy for a couple of quid and do a better job of it. 
(Feeling frustrated because my computer is not working - got it in for apple and google this evening.)

shhhhhh.... let's not tell her they will apply the screen protectors for free with their special gadgets in Apple stores!