Most of us are aware of the obvious dangers of driving on rural roads. They include, but are not limited to, deer, badgers (you'll know about it if you run over a badger at night in a small car), flash floods when drainage is poor or blocked, agricultural vehicles and mud left on the road from agricultural machinery, bird strikes, (a pheasant or pigeon hitting your windscreen at 30mph can give you a bit of a wake up) or indeed on-coming vehicles swerving to avoid fur or feather. 

It does tend to be other motorists and motor bikes that pose the greatest threat. There is a bountiful supply of complete dunderheeds out there who are oblivious to the old saying, 'better to be twenty minutes late in this life rather than twenty years early for the next.' Here in the South Downs, when the sunshine comes out, so do the cyclists and that is fair enough. Indeed, Mrs Flashbang herself has just cracked 50 miles this morning so it is more than a little vexing to see drivers, every single day, driving without anything close to what can be considered due care and attention. Overtaking cyclists on bends is simple suicidal. Who would risk a life changing incident and potential manslaughter charge for the gain of 30 seconds of time? Insane, simply insane. A couple of examples in front of me from this weekend are in the clip above.