Outrage, disappointment and defeated resignation

Disaster on the 05:57hrs from Petersfield this morning as outrage, disappointment and defeated resignation rippled through the ten carriage train as the early wave of City bound commuters learned from Pat, OC the Tea Trolley, that, “sorry, no teabags; they forgot to load the teabags.” There is nothing guaranteed to more upset the dutiful equilibrium of the early morning commuter than no tea on the tea trolley. No tea trolley at all would be better than watching the approach of the trolley with quiet satisfaction, knowing that a hot brew is moments away, only to be thwarted by sloppy loading at the depot. This is the sort of lost nail that can lead to the loss of a pretty important horse.  Were markets to crash later today, the cause may not be the US GDP or the FOMC statement falling short of market expectations but rather the lingering sense of disbelief and hopelessness of the CIO’s, fund managers and traders on the 05:57hrs from Petersfield.