Resting Heart Rate Lower

A couple of days for reflection then and a chance to get the resting heart rate back down after the weekends World Cup action. Liz Hurley bouncing onto the stage in that award ceremony didn't do to me what the Japan match did. 

I also watched the Eagles play Samoa yesterday and although beaten, I share a fatalism that others feel that one day, an American billionaire will trip along and say in Trumpesque tones, 'I've had it with our boys being beaten. Whadda I have to buy to make it happen?' Rugby has of course been played in the States for just as long as its been played here; it just never caught the public imagination in the same way and actually, lets not pretend that its everyone's cup of tea over here either. One day though, they'll get some of those huge defensive Linebacker fellows, or whatever they call them and then look out. It'll be Jono on steroids. 

Carlin Isles; don't think he's in the US squad but he's only been playing for 3 years.

We've already seen a window on their enormous pool of sporting talent with recruit from track & field Carlin Isles, a 10:13 100m sprinter who goes like greased weasel shit. If they get some more blokes with his speed but with a rugby brain then we'll see something new.

 I can think of more than one team who would welcome his skills as hooker; just remarkable

Obviously, were the Septics to get enthused about the game on a broader basis it would be electrifying for the games future. Mr Isles though, will be the very least of our worries. Let me introduce you to Master Titus Ashby. If you've stood on the touchline of any sport and had one of those proud father moments and wistfully thought, 'my boy / girl could actually make it!' then watch and weep.