Robot Draws Blood

Sept. 18 (Bloomberg) -- A startup company named Veebot is hoping to revolutionize the blood-drawing process with a robot that uses infrared cameras to find the best veins and automates the process down to only a minute. 

I'll never forget my first day in the British Army at the tender age of seventeen and a half at the Scottish Infantry Depot, Glencorse. Just saying it makes me sit straighter. The short, sharp shock lasted for 18 unforgettable, no matter how hard I try, weeks. That first day though, is indelibly scraped on my soul as one of those days when you wish "please God, let this go well, please just this once." Well it bloody didn't.

Actually, I'd been getting through the day pretty well bar a few par-for-the-course bollocking's from some angrier than an angry thing training Corporals, that was, right up until the medical. 

We lined up outside the Med Centre and went in one by one to go through a round robin of checks in different rooms. I negotiated them all pretty well until I came to the real life dragon doing the blood tests at the end. She stabbed the needle in, the blood spurted out in a slow graceful arc and I passed out and hit the floor before the blood did.

Carried out by two other recruits , much to the mirth of the rest of the intake, I still cringe at the embarrassment; some roughy toughie soldier.

Anyway...... the robot above can't be any worse than the mad demented dragon at Glencorse, and probably has more personality; check it out.