Scottish Independence; Phew!

Crumble, up bright and early and on my way to work this morning

Well what a night! There must be some weapons grade hangovers out there. At one point, after Glasgow came in, there were only 500 votes between No and Yes. 

There is a lot of healing and a lot of work to be done in all parts of this Kingdom.

Biggest winners? Definitely democracy, (the turnout numbers are simply stunning), and UKIP who will benefit from a similar anti Westminster backlash in England but we know that, (the one liner doing the rounds this morning is "if the Scottish wanted independence they should have let the English vote). The biggest loser is obviously not Salmond, (who I think is walking away with a massive sense of relief having got exactly what he set out to achieve), but Andy Murray. Never liked him. The absence of grace is breathtaking. 

More later