Spread the Joy

Careful; dancing with your daughter can lead to unexplained events

So, I was chatting recently with an old friend who has had a few downs rather than ups of late and I had a thought. 'I remember,' I said, 'standing next to you waiting for a train on the West bound platform at Piccadilly tube station years and years ago. You turned and said to me, ‘Do you ever imagine what it would be like if everyone on the platform suddenly burst into song and dance from a musical?’'

Up until then I must admit I hadn’t. I have since. He was ahead of his time. We now know them as Flash Mobs. He might have perhaps had something like the kids in the clip above in their epic FM in Antwerp in mind. I certainly wouldn’t object if this lot joined me on public transport either. As it happens, Mrs Flashbang is a leading exponent of the Flash Mob genre. She made quite a mark with the rest of the village choir at the South Harting Summer Fete I can tell you. The things this family put me through…..

Still, what is there not to love about a world where people spontaneously burst into song around you and spread a little joy and happiness. Next time then you think a bad thing, imagine fifty people around you breaking into a song and dance number from 42nd Street. You’ll feel better; works for me.

This whole 'be nice and spread a little bit of joy,' thing has been taken up as the cross on a crusade that can only be described as, 'well, why not?' by an outfit called Liberators International, created by social artist and world peace maker,' Peter Hendrick Sharp. Odds and ends of the narrative on the web site are a bit New Age but actually, its just about sharing and being a good neighbour to those around. In England, he'd either be thought of as slightly eccentric or someone destined for a career in the rural church, as a Blue Peter presenter or in fat counselling. 

Spread the Joy

But I'm not here to be miserable and cynical so lets share the joy ourselves by checking out LI's now viral clip taken on the 07:51 to Perth in Australia. Incidentally, being the big softie I am I went to iTunes to buy the track by the now sadly departed Israel Kamakawiwo'ole and of course, you have to buy the whole album to get the track. Apple sell themselves as some kind of friend to the world. They're not. They make machines that I like but they don't play nice. They're not inside my circle of trust that's for sure.

Some souls however, think on a deeper level and search for more meaning. They needn't look far as  David Steindl-Rast reminds us in this TED talk. He describes himself as a monk and interfaith scholar but obviously he's not. We Jedi's can spot another pretty easily. Anyway, worth a listen if so minded; if only to remind yourself  what your grandparents always told you, 'be grateful.'