Stop This Futile Waste

Back in 2004, a terrific fifteen year old friend and neighbour, Sebastian English, trooped off to play for our local rugby club in a fixture against another Surrey team. Sebastian was a talented sportsman and musician, a popular young man full of joie de vivre, with an infectious smile and kind soul. He didn't make it home from the match. 

Undiagnosed heart conditions steal twelve young people from us every week. It need not be so.

Cardiac Risk in the Young work with cardiologists and family doctors to promote and protect the cardiac health of our young by establishing good practice and screening facilities devoted to significantly reduce the frequency of young sudden cardiac death throughout the UK.

CRY have just released the short movie above. Please watch it and, if you have teenage children who haven't been screened then please get it done. While doing so, you may care to lobby your children's school, your local health centre and your local MP if screening is not openly available in your area. This is the very last thing we should have any kind of health apartheid over.

In Sebastian's memory, and the many like him, lets put a stop to this futile waste.