Straight Up With A Traffic Cone

Markets have been somewhat tricky of late even if it was somewhat predictable and some practitioners have obviously endured a rather trying time. I like to empathise with my clients but I doubt that any of them had a day worse than was mine yesterday but you’ll nonetheless get the analogy. Let me tell you kind people, the last thing any of you need to hear, as you’re lying on the doctors bed, on your side with your knees tucked up, is the snap behind you of surgical gloves being put on, dipped into petroleum jelly and the words, “now this won’t hurt.” Oh my sainted aunt, this won’t hurt? It felt like he went in there with a traffic cone. As soon as he said, “ahh, Mr Crumble, I see you’re ex Army; well I’m ex RAMC so we can cut out the nonsense and get on with it,” I knew then the sketch was going to more resemble a demented Gordon Ramsey in a bad mood stuffing a turkey than me experiencing the caring fluffy side of the NHS. Still, all’s well they tell me which is a token comfort after being violated. I don’t suppose you needed to hear that on a Thursday morning but its good to share and to remember, “however bad it is…………………….”