Learning an instrument has changed beyond recognition; YouTube did that and when you see my teacher you might consider joining me too!

Well, that week went pretty quickly. So quickly that it’s left me way behind with my ukulele practice, (laugh with me folks, not at me). Yes, I’m having a good square bash at learning to play the uke which I hope will harvest more success than my failed attempt with the accordion some years ago. I happened to mention one day that I thought the accordion was a much underrated instrument; guess what I got as a birthday surprise that year. One of my three New Year resolutions is to learn to play an instrument and I’ve chosen the uke because, well, how difficult can it be? And of course, it’s a happy instrument. It makes people smile although not yet when I play it but I’m confident of eventual success.

I’m also somewhat behind with my second resolution which is to write more letters. There was a time when a wrote a letter every day and I am gradually recovering the habit. Mostly, people smile when they receive a letter and I like that concept. See the theme developing here?

My last resolution is to strive to bring, ‘Cheerio!’ back into common usage. I am doing rather better on this one. A light hearted ‘Cheerio!’ with a farewell smile tends to be reciprocated with a smile back and that can’t be a bad thing. I expect a nationwide revival of “Cheerio!’ by early summer.