The Best Man & Dancing Dad's

Time to lighten up and being bang smack in the middle of the wedding season we're reminded that things don't always go exactly to plan on the great day. My own past performances as best man have been, well, lets call it inconsistent but sincere over the years. This chap though, is clearly a leading exponent from the "How Not To Do It," school of Best Men....

Clumsy Best Man Ruins Wedding - Watch more Funny Videos

Top of my own particular hate list for weddings is the dancing thing. I escaped it at my own wedding by taking the precautionary step of simply not having any and did the dancing world a favour by formally retiring from all dancing some years past. I just know though, that at the next one in a few weeks time, I'll be hunted down like a scared rabbit and dragged onto the floor by some half pissed demented aunt or teenage cousin. Dad's just shouldn't dance. This clip, whilst not of Dad's themselves, nails the styles you're most likely to see employed by the vast majority of fathers who have thrown themselves into the spirit of the occasion rather more enthusiastically than is strictly required.