Au contraire Mr Junker

has the average Frenchman ever had it so good?

So, Jean-Claude Junker, the European Commission President, has been slamming David Cameron in response to the jaw dropping incredulity with which No 10 greeted the latest bill from Brussels, "please pay £1.7bn by Christmas."

So Mr Juncker, as I understand it, we the British have landed this whopper because we have a growth rate higher than have others in the EU. 

I'm a simple man so in simple terms, let me get this right. I get to pay more tax to subsidise a French 35 hour working week and the rest of the nonsense that they've conjured up in the dying days of their 200 year old experiment in raging socialism.

Sure, while I'm getting my sad, tired body out of bed at 5am every morning my average French opposite number is probably just drifting home from seeing one of his mistresses and that's his god given right as a man and a Frenchman. Just don't ask me to pay for it because here's a reality check.... we're not going to and if you push the point we'll remove our northern Presbyterian troublesome selves and our dull work ethic out of the whole rotten farce.