Fast Women

Ex F1 driver Riccardo Patrese takes his wife round the Jerez circuit in a Honda Civic Type-R... a little too quickly! Hilarious!!

After a blogging break of a month we're back and with a lot of catch-up posts to do. First, in salute of what must be the most melodic language in the world, here is a clip of Riccardo Patrese driving his wife around a circuit...... and what is there not to love about those Italian girls? My grandfather once said to me 'avoid fast women and slow horses.' I am reconsidering his advice.

What the....................?

We learn from the Irish Examiner that the 32 contestants in the Miss Bikini Ireland competition took to the streets of Dublin for a photocall yesterday to raise awareness for breast cancer and well done them for doing so. A particular favourite is the contestant below............ or so the cyclist in the background thought.

How are you?


Until not so very long ago the usual form on meeting a friend, neighbour or acquaintance would be to greet him/her with an enthusiastic grin and firm handshake with a conversation that would open with,

“How are you, you’re looking well!”

”Oh fine….. Thank you; never better,” or some similar acknowledgement of one’s collective good fortune. Now though, with the dark clouds of recession and retrenchment upon us, one dare not sound too upbeat; it marks you either as a shameful liar or even worse……. An insensitive and boasting bore.