3 Men In A Jeep

I mentioned in an earlier post that one of the Crumble Kids had disappeared for his summer holiday with a bag full of ice axes, crampons and ice screws and how 'that won't give his mother anything to worry about then.' It didn't; he has a long history of doing odd things. If the clip above made by his chum is much to go by it all looks a bit pedestrian; I think they were playing being Top Gear presenters. Iceland though, looks classic. Must do that trip sometime.

Thank you Bardarbunga!

Children holidaying from Britain across the azure blue shores of the Mediterranean and beyond will right now be contemplating the closing weeks of the summer holidays. As the skies darken over their little lives with the prospect of going back to Form 5B, hope and help is at hand in the form of Bardarbunga.  No, not a Harry Potter character but an angry volcano in Iceland. Oh and boy is it getting angry and potentially, it could create dark skies for real as we've previously seen, and yes, we're usually quick off the mark with the volcano thing here at Crumble HQ..

Iceland has this afternoon warned airlines that there may be an eruption at Bardabunga which is located underneath Vatnajokull, Europe’s biggest glacier.

The alert level at Bardarbunga was today raised to “orange,” indicating “heightened or escalating unrest with increased potential of eruption,” the Reykjavik-based Met Office said.

Over 250 tremors have been measured in the area since midnight. The agency said there are still no visible indications of an eruption..... yet

The volcano is 25 kilometers (15.5 miles) wide and rises about 1,900 meters above sea level. So, it’s a biggie.

You can read more here and here there is a world of resource here and here.

British kids, obviously quick of the mark, will be going to uncommonly great lengths to avoid letting their parents see news reports, listen to the radio, read the papers..... "no Dad, you need to rest and get away from the news," lest Dad gets a flap on, hires a car and drives back before all flights are cancelled and all ferries are booked.

Obviously, I don't want 15 miles of Iceland to erupt as little as does the next man, but the kids... I know what they're thinking and it very much reminds me of this scene from John Boorman's wonderful film, Hope & Glory.

Iceland; Big Boys Bonfires

November 5th is almost upon us and we can all look forward to the usual collective celebratory bonfires and ducking to avoid low flying dodgy Chinese fireworks. Over in Iceland though, they do man sized bonfires... and there might be another one on the way.

The good people at the Icelandic Met Office give us the news that melt water flooding, (or jokulhaup) from the Grimsvotn glacial lake could indicate that the Grimsvotn volcano is warming up. The flooding is twice what normally might be expected. Now, we don't want to spread unnecessary alarm but this has happened before.

In 2004 Grimsvotn, which is Iceland's most active volcano, erupted after one of these larger than normal floods. Aircraft were diverted locally to avoid the ash, but not on the scale we saw earlier this year in Europe, although some did reach as far as Finalnd.

Local observers appear to be taking it in their stride but then you'd expect them to given they live on what is basically a simmering unstable volcanic island stuck in the North Atlantic. You can read local news here using Google Translate but I wouldn't rush..... what does "take up water from a spoon in harps," mean anyway?  Who do you suppose did the programming for the translate thing, Eric Cantona?

Didn't have any travel plans anyway.......


The Secret of Good Weather Forecasting.... Timing!

People who really know about good comedy are our motely collection of weather forecasters. We're all aware that the reputation of the Met Office rightly took an indecent battering last year after their early call of a "barbecue summer," last year left us bemused and bewildered by the end of August.

This morning though, the Telegraph broght us the welcome and cheering news from an outfit called Positive Weather Solutions  that we're in for a blistering hot summer.  Founded in 2006, PWS are apparently, "already carving out a reputation for accurate forecasts based on weather patterns, long-term temperature cycles and a 30-year statistics database."

Bloody well done chaps.

Unfortunately, as luck.. or bad luck would have it, a volcano went "bang" in Iceland just after midnight.

As every middle aged man in Haslemere who can remember a sniff of his O level Geography will tell you; volcano = bad weather. That is, start thinking cooler temperatures and rain brought to us on the prevailing North Westerly winds. There are some more technical details involved here but they're mostly lost in the mists of time.  I always had the seat next to the radiator and window in Geography so missed some of the volcano detail thing.

Looks like Jonathan Powell, the firm’s senior forecaster, might have had the seat next to me and may also have missed some of the other bits of geography marked, "factors that influence the weather." He said in the article, “There will be stifling temperatures this summer, making it possibly the warmest UK summer on record began and placing it at least the top three warmest summers recorded."

As we know, timing is everything.