Big Moon; Big Bang?


Regular readers will be aware that we take a passing interest in matters seismic at Crumble Towers. Twenty years with Mrs Flashbang would make even the most disinterested observer an authoritative expert in volcanoes and earthquakes. Without detracting from the vast human tragedy that has hit Japan this last week there are some who believe the on-going chain of events is unfinished.

Step forward one Jim Berkland, a seismologist who on the video clip below comes across as the sort of bloke who would be just as happy in his work if it were bee keeping or butterfly collecting. He's not though, he's a "shakes and bangs man," and has some previous form.

The basis of his argument, that the "Big One," may be imminent, is based on continued activity on the Ring of Fire running clockwise from Chile last year, through to NZ this year and now Japan. Guess where's next?

He discusses in the clip a "seismic window," starting tomorrow with a full moon creating a gravitational pull, (hang on to your crockery), higher than normal tides and unusual "happenings," like the dead fish at Redondo, (I was joking), and some whales of the coast of California with wonky GPS's who might be affected by changes in the earth's magnetic fields.

Obviously, if he's right he'll be feted as a guru and if he's wrong his predictions will just be forgotton. Personally, I wouldn't be minded to take the risk. Californians of course are notoriously sanguine about these matters, they live with natural hazards all the time and of course they have state of the art warning systems. Darrel boy; get down to the beach, your time has come son!