She's a chesty wee thing and she can certainly sing.

I ticked the ‘I’ve been to a pop concert,’ box a few years ago when I sat on the grass at Wisley with a chum, (front row), and a bottle of Tattinger to jolly things along, while we bathed in the sunshine and smiles that Katherine Jenkins brings to tired old bodies. In fact, I liked it so much I went back the next year to see her at Hampton Court. She can certainly throw out a tune or two. So, I’m pleased to see that she has been named the number one classical music artist of the last 25 years by Classic FM, (can you believe it’s 25 years since Classic FM was launched?). I think I had something to do with that… the two certainties of a Crumble Christmas are that every year I will receive socks and a Katherine Jenkins CD. I now have a few. 

Catch Up Crumble!

Nine Million Bicycles........ I fear, I've rather missed out.

Back to Desert Island Discs and last Sunday Kirsty Young presented the show with castaway, Nadiya Hussein, a young lady famous for being a bit useful in the kitchen and for being what the BBC appears keen to portray, (in a rather patronising way), 'a good next-door Muslim.' Mrs Hussein is indeed, an engaging lady and I rather enjoyed her selection of music. Now the famous Crumble playlists are, on the whole, at least 40 years behind current music trends and have a habit of going further back and loitering around the twenties and thirties with the occasional foray into the forties and fifties rather than into anything more fashionable. This may be why I had never heard of another lady called Katie Melua until she turned up on Mrs Hussein's DID playlist. I like Katie Melua and fear I have rather missed out. We're going to put that right. She wins immediate promotion into my 'Best Ever Dinner Party Playlist,' and my 'Going To Sleep,' playlist. It's iTunes-download-frenzy-time and thank you to Mrs Hussein; you're more than a cook to me.

I also note that Katie Melua is going on tour and is playing in Guildford in November. As luck would have it the show is sold out. I'm not surprised. I've only ever been to two concerts, (both to see Katherine Jenkins, once at Wisley and once at Hampton Court), and was thinking I might make this a third. Perhaps next time then. Still, the girl is a shoe-in for the 2016 Thinking Man's Crumpet list; that's for sure and for certain.