Sport for All

At Inverness City Basketball Club they don't just talk about Sport for All, they practise it. Just great to see the coaches and players of their U14's Lion's team include my young nephew Matthew in their trip to Aberdeen yesterday. They get what community sport is all about. Of course, Matthew only went and scored which made his mother and the rest of us very proud. I think I am right in saying he is the first boy in the family ever to play in a basketball team and definitely the first to score. I must have stood on hundreds of touchlines over the years but I don't think any try or goal in any match has made my heart soar as much as the one in the clip above. 

I love Down's Syndrome kids. I often think they give us a window on our own souls. That is, unfettered by convention and having freedom by not being in the least self conscious, their exuberance, angst, happiness and sorrow are a wide open book, the way most of us often feel inside but are afraid to be as demonstrable as are they. 

Go Matthew!