Red Robbo - Good Riddance

We learn today that the antediluvian and bombastic Dereck  'Red Robbo,' Robinson has finally popped his clogs at the age of 90. Responsible for pouring kerozene onto a badly impaired British car industry in the 1970's, by either organising or being involved with over 500 strikes at the British Leyland factory at Longbridge, the fully paid member of the Communist Party was eventually seen off by Sir Michael Edwardes, the combative South African CEO of BL and then he and his like were thoroughly excoriated by Mrs T leaving industry to breathe and prosper.

Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist

Who then would have thought all those years ago, that we would ever see a global customer satisfaction graphic like the one above. If Corbyn gets in, we might not see one again for another 37 years.

Back of the Net

Mrs T puts the ball squarely in the back of the net in her Bruges speech made in 1988. The historic speech, spawning The Bruges Group, was delivered at Bruges in September 1988. Famously rejecting the centralised, unaccountable, federal Europe of Delors, Margaret Thatcher proposed instead a wider, decentralised, outward-looking democratic Europe of independent, freely- trading and cooperating nation states.

Smell the Coffee Mrs Clinton


The Times Online carries a story today that Britain has apparently made a string of protests to America about their recent stance on the Falklands. They report that, "British diplomats have expressed serious concerns to the US State Department at least three times over Washington’s response to the latest dispute over the Falkland Islands." That'll have them worried then.

The Times continues, "Officials said that several phone calls were made and an e-mail was sent after the State Department spokesman called the islands the Malvinas." A bloody email? No doubt that ended up in a spam file along with adverts for blue pills and Russian brides. An email for fvcks sake? The Diplomatic Service wants to wear out some shoe leather and get round to the White House and ask the simple question, "what the fvck is going on?" Can you see this sad and sorry state of affairs becoming apparent if SHE were still here?

The boy Obama would be in for a right old hand bagging.

You see, Mrs Clinton, you don't go toadying up to some South American politician when your best friends on the planet have 10,000 soldiers in Afghanistan backing you up................... just as we did in Iraq. 

Friends at Think Defence have written at length on the subject. I'm just left thinking, who are these comedians running America and where is Cap Weinberger and his ilk when you need them?