Fantastic Day!

Stand By Me - My favourite version by Playing For Change. You can’t have enough volume with this one. Play it and smile.

In November 1973, when Princess Anne married Captain Mark Phillips, I could not be doing with the fuss and instead wandered into town and went to the pictures. If I remember correctly I watched Live and Let Die, (still the best Bond movie). When Prince Charles married I was on a patrol in the jungle in Belize. I remember it only because all the soldiers in the battalion made a donation toward a wedding present of a diamond regimental brooch. When Andrew married Fergie I somehow got tangled up with the crowds on the Mall when trying to cross London. It was easy to get swept up in the exuberant excitement of the crowd which I had not experienced before. I was at a friends house for Prince William's wedding and I shall be there again today. My wonderful friend Mary's warm and open hearted enthusiasm for such occasions is infectious. With friends gathered we will have a fun and memorable day. The great thing about a royal wedding is the upbeat mood will be reflected up and down the country. And yes, we do all rather need a 'cheer us up,' day.

Prince Harry's popularity is striking but not puzzling. The prince has charm and an easy way with people. He has our respect because he served and our admiration for his sincerity in applying himself to making other peoples lives better. Prince Harry and his bride will make a formidable team as a force for good. It is though, an immensely important day for our little kingdom. His marriage to an American divorcee from a mixed race background is very significant. It marks a turning point in our social history which will achieve more in a one hour service than any legislation from Parliament or lecturing from Guardian journalists. 

I am looking forward to the service. The gospel choir has to be a hands down winner and Stand By Me is just about my all time favourite song. In passing, singing in a Southern Baptist choir in the Deep South while dressed in one of those purple gowns is on my bucket list. It would just be a hoot. 

I hope they take the odd moment to soak it all in. The day will go in a heartbeat. My wedding day did. In the car from the reception to the hotel my bride complained of sore cheeks because she had been smiling all day. She said she felt happy but tired. Ten minutes after arriving at the hotel I opened the champagne, gazed upon my sleeping bride, sat down and watched television. I am not convinced I got value for money having a suite at the Savoy on my wedding night.

Have a fantastic day y'all.