Marathon Mania

Mike demonstrates an early passion for distance running. Aptitude will hopefully show itself before the Marathon start line.

Mike demonstrates an early passion for distance running. Aptitude will hopefully show itself before the Marathon start line.

The in-box at this time of year always seems to have a drip, drip of sponsorship seeking emails which is a wonderful thing both for the participants and of course for the charities. It does mean though, that there are great demands on the very kind donation giving recipients of the requests. 

With that very much in mind, and having done the humility thing, here's another shout. The youngest Crumble kid is following the crowd and as a result of an ill considered wager has signed up for the London marathon. I though can now look forward to darting around London with a few bags of jelly babies trying to intercept him en route for a quick morale boosting hello and photo opp, (the morale boosting hello will of course be for his mother's sake not his). Mike is running for the Norwood charity which helps and assists children and adults with disabilities both on a residential and non residential basis. 

If you know Mike and might care to put a wee something in the pot you may find a link to the relevant giving page here. Do look out for him on the box on the day, he'll be the blond fellow attempting to beat his sisters time of a few years ago. She though, ran it the day after her 21st which shows a bit of form. For my part, I have always regarded voluntarily running the marathon to be an absurd pastime for deranged and unbalanced fanatics.

The Officers Mess at Mansergh Barracks in Gutersloh; a rather nice place to live.

The Officers Mess at Mansergh Barracks in Gutersloh; a rather nice place to live.

This is not incidentally, the first marathon I have witnessed being run as a result of an ill considered wager. I recall an occasion when two officers concluded a heated discussion at tea in the Mess in 47 Regiment RA in Gutersloh with a bet to race one another over a marathon with a case of champagne as the stake. Despite all the bluster and noise nothing came of it until a few weeks later, and quite late into the evening over port at a particularly good Dinner Night, the Colonel suggested they should run the next morning. That rather put the dampeners on their fun. They set off the next morning, accompanied with the music of Chariots of Fire that some wag had set up, over a hastily arranged local route which would have been accurate to oh, I'm not sure, a few miles at least. Some considerable time later they made it back to be greeted by all the thirsty Mess members eagerly eyeing the case of champagne which was sitting on the steps of the Mess. It didn't last long but lasted rather longer than the two protagonists who retired for a well deserved hot bath.

Good luck son!

Are you in front or behind son?

Are you in front or behind son?

The Eagle Has Landed

Laura: Dead Sea To Red Sea

One of the strands of life that I find especially enjoyable at the moment is quietly observing the number of ‘Mums’ who are dropping their Tesco’s shopping bags and saying, ‘I’ve been a good wife, a good mother, a good employee.... now….. it’s me time,’ and are going off and doing interesting and challenging things. Some are doing courses in this that or the next thing, some are becoming magistrates, some councillors, some are starting businesses, some seek adventure or find confirmation or afformation of their being through sport or coaching. Some do so simply by helping others. I think it is kind of cool. This wave of enthusiasm for rediscovering their joie de vivre does no doubt, leave some husbands sitting at the bottom of the garden wondering whats happened to shake, rattle and roll their little world. I think it's joyful..... kind of reaffirms the very good decision making we made in choosing these girls all those years ago!

And in that warm spirit of enthusiasm I get to welcome Mrs Flashbang home having just completed her Dead to Red Sea Charity Bike Ride and big thanks to friends and family who have supported her! (How bad is it by the way that I seem to have broken the spin dryer?). Well done hon!


That's My Girl

A quick update from our intrepid explorer in the Middle East for her kind supporters.... the call went something like, 'I'm having the time of my life.' On you go then love. Clip above from some self satisfied sod who just got himself a drone... (I do secretly have drone-envy, IWOOT).

Lau, the Flashbang thing was a joke love... not an instruction...

Lau, the Flashbang thing was a joke love... not an instruction...

Diesel, Arthur and I meanwhile are all doing as well as can be expected. If in passing there are any experts out there who know where the powder goes in the white washing machine in the outhouse, (it's one of those that lights up like a Tardis when you press 'On') or indeed where one finds the powder, then do please feel free to call. 




Flashbang Away!


That's Mrs Flashbang away then on her charity fund raising trip cycling from the Dead Sea to the Red Sea, (don't panic, she has more luggage than just a Sainsbury's plastic bag). Good luck to her, and to those of us left behind; that would be me and the dogs. She'll be joining her Dad on the trip, who actually started these international charity bicycle endeavours 25 years ago. I did a few of the early ones at the end of which I swore I was done. If every bike on the planet was melted down and turned into paper-clips I wouldn't lose any sleep. Still, these challenges raise huge amounts for charities and thats a very good thing. 

Only the one for dinner tonight then..

Where's that cook gone?

Cycling to Costa Rica

Which Dreadnought has more firepower??

Good morning and many folk are currently enjoying a no doubt deserved autumnal half term break. Should any of you happen to be passing through Nicaragua or Costa Rica this week and see a serene figure on a bicycle, gliding past like a Dreadnought over the mountains of those countries then do stop and say hi to Mrs Flashbang who is doing her bit for charity. I am happily abandoned at home. I did a couple of these charity bike rides years ago in the Middle East and at the end of them would cheerfully have seen them all melted down into paper clips. My nadir was unthinkingly running into the Dead Sea at the end of a particularly tough days cycling in Jordan, (great country btw). Unfortunately, I hadn’t stopped to reflect on what the salt would do to my rather chaffed nether regions. I found out pretty quickly. Oh how I screamed.