Go Graham!

Back in the day, television offered less choice but more spice. Sitting down on the sofa watching Pans People on TOTP was an unspoken  father and son bonding rite of passage that happened up and down the country in millions of households. Of course, in every household father and son would be too repressed and embarrassed to pass comment except perhaps for Dad to say, 'can't see what all the fuss is about myself.' Right, Dad. Legs & Co, who followed Pans People in 1976, and Hot Gossip on the Kenny Everett Show, pushed the temperature even higher and blew more than a few valves in television sets across the land. All that's gone now in our new and shiny PC world. Still,  as the Autumn days become shorter and grey the odd ray of sunshine peeks through to brighten our lives, as happened on Friday when my HD flat screen suddenly went super nova.

I was channel surfing after watching the All Blacks game and came across a talk show hosted by Graham Norton. I thought for a moment that someone had sprinkled fairy dust on the television, (with Mr Norton there, a man who carries the torch for the British tradition of camp comedy, that was in fact probably the case), for on the sofa, in one delicious 'I've died and gone to heaven,' line up, we had Nigella, Nicole and Carey. Merryll Streep joined the guests which was a bit like your big sister turning up at a teenage party to tell you, 'Mum sent me to keep an eye on you.'   Actually, she exudes charm, grace and poise; what is there not to love about her? Finally, a pretty wee thing, Gabrielle Aplan, glided onto the stage to sing. Now she can throw out a fair old catchy, foot tapping number I can tell you. 

I strongly suspect that only a camp talk show host could get away with inviting five pretty girls on the same show and for this we must thank Mr Norton for pushing the boundaries of modern post watershed viewing. In fact, I may become a regular viewer. As for Nigella, Nicole and Carey; girls, I've got 2 tickets for the Australia v Scotland quarter final next Sunday at Twickenham. Only one of you can come and it's strictly first come first served. Graham, you're not invited. 

So, for old times sake lets have a Sunday afternoon nostalgia hit and revisit the seventies with a PP clip. After all, they were about the only good and happy thing that happened in that utterly forgettable decade,

Pans People 1974. Watching the clip now, it seems incredible that the show went out at 7pm on Thurday evenings. No wonder it was required viewing.

Where's Ma Passport?

Some well meaning, but hopelessly misguided commentators, continue to promulgate the misconception that Terminal 5 at Heathrow is full of citizens emplaning for distant parts like Geneva, to escape the local onerous tax burden.

Not true! They are indeed queuing up at Terminal 5 to GTF out of here but tax? It's not for tax; it's for the bloody dentists. Yep.... a recently arrived in Geneva soon to be ex-friend of mine kindly sent this, so I could share his welcome surprise and good fortune....

I think Dr Klaus there should be doing recruitment seminars to help some of the dismal fang-farriers we have over here smarten up their public relations...... no wonder he's smiling, he's recreated bloody Pan's People bless him.

Where's ma passport..?