What Election?


Way back when in the days when I was young and could muster some enthusiasm for elections, I went out and bought the manifestos for each party and read them with great earnest before deciding who would get my vote. Of course, I was too young to vote at the time and no one else was interested in discussing politics so it was a singular and solitary exercise; unrepeated until today.

No need to spend any money though; we've moved on since those days but it is, nonetheless, of passing interest to try to scratch the surface of the spin, the hype and the poster campaigns and examine what, if anything, the parties have been big enough to commit to print.

My starting point was the good fellows at Think Defence who have listed the future defence policies of each party. All are unremarkable and as yet lack detail yet overflow with flannel.

I have stumbled upon another interesting site though called Vote for Policies. Here, you select the policies which appeal to you without knowing which party they belong to. At the end it tells you which party is most closely aligned with your view. Interesting exercise but somewhat oddly, they don't list defence amongst the available categories.

If you're a news junkie, Politics Home continues to provide the best news summaries available and of course Political Betting is a good resource to keep up to date with where the smart money is going. You'll find all the cynicisim and entertainment you could ever possibly need by following the politics links to the right of this page.

The best election posters by the way............... continue to be generated from a mind that probably needs professional help but are the only thing I'm looking forward to over the coming weeks, hat tip GOT for both in this post.