Orvis; Get A Grip


I'm not much one for High Street shopping, preferring like many, clicks to bricks and as a creature of habit I don't do many of those either. I have a small number of preferred suppliers to whom I return on a repeat basis, mostly buying exactly the same things when they wear out. 

Orvis is one, actually probably the main supplier and generally they are pretty good and often have ripping bargains for those who are minded to have a rummage through their digital sales stall. One particular favourite item of mine was the Zambezi trouser until it was discontinued a few years ago. I wasn't happy. I wrote to the CEO, 'Perk' Perkins who kindly dispatched someone to rummage around the warehouse and I was grateful to receive one of the last pairs. They have long since been worn out. So, I enjoyed a momentary uplift when they brought the line back and promptly ordered a pair. Just as promptly I returned them. They simply were not fit for my purpose. So, I wrote a review. The review was rejected. Do Orvis seriously consider Italian Hairdressers to be part of their natural constituency? Come on Orvis, get a grip.