Send for the Sappers

In what looked like a smart use of resources, 36 Engineer Regiment , (based in Maidstone and which is home to the Queens Gurkha Engineers), said in a Facebook piece posted a couple of hours ago that lead elements were deploying to Nepal to scope aid requirements with a Queens Gurkha Engineer troop preparing to follow. (wee bit of advice for HMG, I know they are hard workers but Nepal might need a bit more than a troop of sappers).

The piece has been pulled from Facebook though. Perhaps the Nepali government said "no thank you" to foreign troops, (hardly), or might some politician have ordered it taken down so he can make a grandstanding announcement for the six o'clock news? Just get on with it for goodness sake.

This was the original piece,

"Nepal Update: 36 Engineer Regiment have a Section deploying in support of the initial humanitarian response and to identify where support is most needed. A QGE Field Troop is ready to deploy with additional Field Troops preparing for deployment by the end of the week as required. Further updates will follow."