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Germany has closed it's border with Austria tonight to refugees. Poland and Slovakia remain open but we'll see how long that lasts. Clearly, there are limits to the Bavarian 'Wilkommen in der Hanglange.'

Perhaps Mrs Merkel and her Cabinet were surprised at the lack of European wide enthusiasm for her largesse and their appalling lack of team spirit in sharing the immense burden that Germany has shouldered. 

Perhaps though, her security service spoke to our security service and suddenly it's come as rather a surprise to discover that all of the tide of migrants are not quite what the media have portrayed them to be.

Quelle surpise! You mean Twitter, and the BBC sending Fiona Bruce from the Antiques Roadshow to Beruit for two days to interview one bloke who was photographed by an agency photographer selling biro's on the roadside with his daughter asleep in his arms haven't been telling us the whole picture? 

Expect a media about face within 24 hours, 'What were the Germans thinking of, putting us all at risk like that?'

Then again, Mrs Merkel might just have talked to some of the refugee agencies with decades of experience and learned that their policy is to keep the migrants within the region and close to home for when stability eventually returns to their various homelands. 

No one has greater capacity for organisation and logistics than the Germans. It is never though, Mrs Merkel, the first million people you have to worry about.

(As a quick aside, no family in the known universe is more disciplined about cross border mobile phone use than are the Crumble Kids, their dad being utterly paranoid about unforeseen big phone bills. Which company then, are all these refugees with? I want to sign up with them. If they have mobile signals in war zones in the Middle East and I can't get one in Compton in West Sussex they must be bloody good, and obviously as cheap as chips).

If there is a sudden rush of perspective and proportionality across Europe, does that mean that all the kids leaving for University this week and next will be able to return home at Christmas and find their rooms haven't been donated by their well meaning Mum's to a refugee family from Gaza?



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OK so it's not wartime but some readers who travel and work with sensitive material may care to look at Silent Circle, an app that encrypts phone calls and texts. It is beyond logic that after all that we have learned in the past year about the insecurity of mobile communications regulators, corporate IT departments and managements are not on top of the problem. 

Knowing that the Chinese have 40,000 individuals who work for the PLA and who’s daily job is to penetrate Western organisations at every level, might, you would think, be a wakeup call but not so far. Corporate rest-of-the-world must develop a digital Cold War attitude to the Chinese and for that matter, all the other black operators out there. People who know tell me Silent Circle is as good as is openly available