Up the Down Escalator


So David Cameron's "Big Tent," is quickly turning into a marquee the size of the Millennium Dome with the recruitment of arch Blairite Alan Milburn to the barely credulous position of Social Mobility Overlord. I'm left open mouthed and wide eyed with wonderment and disbelief.

Being a core constituent of a government that did so much to trash the aspirations of young people from poor backgrounds leaves him as one of the worst possible choices to lead such a charge. The blatant social engineering and dogma of Labour has contributed absolutely nothing to the young aspirant working class which is one reason why, after thirteen years of broken promises, they're so disaffected. Here's a clue Milburn, letting in the a few million traditionally Labour leaning immigrants may just have impacted their chances of reasonable education and housing. Our population will be at 70m by 2029 as a result and the UK will be a very different place to the one we know but that after all, was their aim. According to a draft report by the Cabinet Office, written in 2000, ministers had a secret plan to 'maximise the contribution' of migrants to the Government's 'social objectives'.

No matter how much it may stick in their throats, Thatcherisim did more for the working class by breaking the bonds of "place," and tradition than socialists will ever be able to accept.

Indeed, some believe that the whole social mobility problem is one big myth, promulgated by Labour to give them a reason for being.

Others believe there is a greater plan at work here and that is to divide Labour by driving a wedge between the Blairites and Brownites to capture the centre ground for a long time to come. Perhaps....... I though, think it more likely to drive a wedge right through the middle of the conservative party because it's a sure fire certainty that all of Milburn's conclusions will recommend that to achieve social mobility the way forward will be not by providing incentive for hard work but to tear down those who have achieved it.

Moreover, the last thing the average man in Haslemere thought he'd be getting when he voted Conservative were all these socialist retreads reappearing under any guise whatsoever. The only commissions we need at this point are to examine their gross mismanagement of just about every department of state from the moment they took office to the moment they left. Is anyone ever going to ask, "Where did all the money go?" or are we just to accept years of sacrifice in the future with the line, "it was the banks."

Where it all descends into Pythonesque farce is when that useless tub of lard Prescott starts criticising the exercise calling Milburn "a collaborator." Prescott being of course, one of the few Britons to enjoy accelerated mobility despite being one of the most opinionated and least talented individuals ever to disgrace government in our history. His old joke of a made up department would be a good place to start investigating pork belly politics.

In the meantime, my advice to the young is very simple; if you aspire to better things for yourself and your future family then simply work hard, make friends and take risks early...................... oh, and you might consider Australia, Canada or the US because walking up a down escalator, (which this country is on a fast track to), will get you nowhere.