Form An Orderly Queue


The Telegraph reports that Miss Lumley said in an interview with Saga magazine that, "Knife crime has grown because the decline of Empire has given boys no other adventure to take part in."

I read this with some mirth and couldn't help but be reminded of Kenny Everett's line at the Tory Conference in 1983, "Lets bomb Russia!"

"Miss Lumley, who has campaigned for Gurkha veterans, said: “Of course they all go about with knives because it’s exciting. Horrifying! I think they’re bored stiff. Nobody’s said, ‘Hey boys, I want you lot in my ship now, we’re off to have a really immense adventure.’"

Right Your Lumleyness, who are we invading first; it's just we've rather got our hands full at the moment?

I do love her really.