Highway Robbery



The other day I drove down from Scotland having taken the youngest Crumble Kid for his first salmon fishing trip on the Lower Pavilion beat on the Tweed. In keeping with the highest Crumble salmon fishing tradition we had a fantastic trip to Melrose and enjoyed the usual hospitality of The Town House and Burts Hotel, but returned with an empty bag and an eye watering bar bill, (it's neither the place nor the time to bump into old friends on a mission). 

So, having inculcated in my youngster that "what goes on tour stays on tour," we headed down the M6 on the 7 hour journey home.

Now, I don't usually go out of my way to find even more eye watering bills but I walked straight into another. I filled up at the BP service station on the M6 toll road. Clearly, the latter day highwaymen there think if drivers can afford the £5.30 toll they can pay whatever they dream up for fuel.......... 153.9p a litre of diesel in this case. Robbing bastards. I don't usually check the price before I drive onto a forecourt but I've just started for that is so far beyond any reasonable cost it's outrageous.

 The economy will remain moribund until we get on top of absolute basics; this is one of them.