Where's Ma Passport?

Some well meaning, but hopelessly misguided commentators, continue to promulgate the misconception that Terminal 5 at Heathrow is full of citizens emplaning for distant parts like Geneva, to escape the local onerous tax burden.

Not true! They are indeed queuing up at Terminal 5 to GTF out of here but tax? It's not for tax; it's for the bloody dentists. Yep.... a recently arrived in Geneva soon to be ex-friend of mine kindly sent this, so I could share his welcome surprise and good fortune....

I think Dr Klaus there should be doing recruitment seminars to help some of the dismal fang-farriers we have over here smarten up their public relations...... no wonder he's smiling, he's recreated bloody Pan's People bless him.

Where's ma passport..? 

Clegg & The Land of Make Believe

UK Conservative / Liberal Coalition

So, taking us a stage further in the Politburo's new Five Year Plan, Cleggie's latest new idea is to impose Cable's old idea of a "Mansion Tax," on us.

Here's a newsflash for the Liberal's and the supine Tories who are giving way at every turn to their junior partners; we're already being taxed down to asset stripping levels and there's a limit to how much you can hit people and for how long.

With tax at 50%, national insurance at 1%, employers contributions at 12%, (rising shortly to 13%), we are already at the stage where for every £1 earned 63p is lifted by the government from the employee and employer.

Moreover, with VAT at 20% and fuel running at 141p / litre, (fuel was cheaper when oil traded at $150 / barrel), households are becoming very hard pressed. Obviously, utility bills, local taxes and food inflation are adding to the misery but the key point is this......... anyone who thinks this is a package for growth is smoking something that isn't legally sold over the counter.

With inflation at 5% in the UK, growth deteriorating and government debt at wartime levels, and still growing as a share of national income, we are in a world of pain. In the Alice-in-Wonderland Fairy Land that the Liberal's inhabit they clearly believe they can go back to the middle class piggy bank whenever they have a new point to prove to their own constituency. That though, is changing.

We are getting perilously close to a negative inflection point in the Laffer Curve.

A growing number of people of my acquaintance are chucking the towel in and opting for early retirement or legging it out of employment to become self employed to work as sole traders, on their terms. The incentive for getting out of bed at 5am, commuting and working for 12-14 hours a day is fast losing it's shine.

This obviously is lost on Cleggie boy, not that he's paid much credence to working hard anyway, having instructed his staff not to pass work into his red box after 3pm.  If he worked in the City, which he so despises, he'd be fired on the spot for idleness, not fulfilling his contract and bringing the company into disrepute.

Clegg can spout bollocks about his "work, life balance," because he doesn't have to pay for it; we have that pleasure.

Instead of engaging in wars we have no business participating in, and where there is absolutely no national interest, the quicker we have another election and give these muppets a wake-up call the better.  

Liberal Agenda for the Coalition

Godalming College & The 6 P's


Most people learn at an early stage that one of the stepping stones to success are the 6 P's...... Prior Preparation Prevents P*ss Poor Performance. Like most of us, I've challenged this little rule of life in the past, only to fall smartly on my face. David Adelman, the principal at Godalming College recently decided to stress test the 6 P's on an industrial scale.

It's a good thing they teach both law and rugby at the popular 6th Form college in Guildford because both would have been very useful on the 18th of this month. In a mesmeric display of incompetence the college decided to change the traditional application process and invited parents and students to present themselves at their doors at 9am with applications in hand. Whether true or not, word quickly circulated that conditional places would be offered on a first come, first served basis.

The first people arrived at 4am and by 6am the queue meandered around the building. By 9am, when the doors opened, there was an unseemly scrum with some of the more enthusiastic prospective parents at the back of the queue using tactics more traditionally associated with the front row.

The police were called to maintain public order.

Now that Mr Adelman has concluded his little experiment in humiliating desperate parents and proving to the rest of the county how inept his admissions department is, the rest of us can ask a few questions ourselves of Godalming College and indeed, the educational establishment,

1. What happens to the parents and children who were unable to travel by public transport to be their in time to make the front of the queue.

2. Is this the way to create a balanced, inspiring and creative educational environment?

3. What happened to the kids there who didn't have a dad with them built like Gareth Chilcott?

4. Given all the money that has been spent on education in the last ten years, why does this appear to be the only popular choice with families in the county?

5. How do Goldalming College propose to introduce a fair applications process which by the way, scores of other schools appear to manage without satchels and handbags at dawn?

Clearly, if the recession accelerates and more children leave independent schools then the state sector doesn't have the capacity to cope. I'm left wondering, if the class warriors of Labour and the Liberals had their way and closed all the independent schools just where exactly would all those kids go to be educated and if families are, as is clear, lifting some of the burden from the state then why are there no tax uplifts for families for doing so. 

There remains so much residue of sixties dogma in state education, which has become so entrenched in mainstream thinking that to challenge it is unthinkable, that creative solutions to more capacity and excellence are being suppressed. Give parents tax breaks if they pay for education and education will grow and flourish. 

Moreover, it's crystal clear to me that the last shower of incompetents in government should not get away with their mismanagement of our money in education and for that matter other government departments. We urgently require a total financial and intellectual audit of our education system followed by the fresh clean air of devolved responsibility.

Government has failed.

Gypsy's Warning


"Gypsy's Warning: A quiet word to an employee or acquaintance, suggesting that they'd best proceed with caution in respect of their current conduct or attitude, or they may be in for an unpleasant surprise."

In the post, "Wrong Way Constable," I described how the local Constabulary frequently aim their radar thingies at drivers accelerating out of the village rather then at those entering the 30mph limit. The implication being that they would catch more drivers more frequently and pedestrian safety in the village wasn't the primary reason for their actions.

Be warned.......... if you go outside and throw a stick in any direction at the moment, there is a fair chance that you'll hit a copper with a radar gun. They're everywhere. Now, I would like to think that the good men of the local constabulary are displaying a presence to reassure and deter criminals. Unfortunately, and I hate to puncture the balloons of anyone who is clinging on to a last remnant of trust in the system, I'm inclined to think that it's another revenue raising exercise. The only question in my mind is whether it's because it's a local end of the month, end of the quarter revenue and statistics raising exercise of if it's directed by the Home Office.

Things have come to a sorry state when the police are used to collect taxes by stealth.

As Michael Conrad used to say in Hill Street Blues.......... "Lets be careful out there."