Teachers Strike (Star-date 1973)


Two full days into the new school year saw teachers relaxing in their staff rooms this morning, and were as one in the view that, after seven weeks holiday, they needed a couple of days off to put their feet up for some rest and recuperation. Their unions promptly announced two days of strike action before Christmas, (obviously they weren't going to strike during their paid holidays).

Here's a newsflash to all teachers stuck in a 1973 time warp; you have zero support from parents. Your profession is crammed full of idle and incompetent freeloaders who survive only because of the dedicated and conscientious among you. You represent one of the few remaining sectors in Britain that has escaped root and branch reform which is now way, way overdue. 

Kids in their exam years should not despair; help through technology is at hand. Check this guy out.


Sal Khan, a former Hedge Fund analyst, has over 3,000 teaching videos uploaded on his site, The Khan Academy.  It's free and he's good, very good. Wrap yourself around that and a few TED talks and you'll be on top of your game. 

How long before someone starts a real school on this basis? The days of incompetent and idle teachers are numbered, that's for sure and for certain.