The Baby Thing

After six years of writing my little blog it came as no surprise at all to discover that a small piece about the new puppy would elicit a spike in readership and comments, especially on FB. Dogs, babies and saying anything nice about Mrs Flashbang seems to animate people. Those and the two year old piece on Anne Lundon, which for some reason continues to throw up occasional big rallies in hits. Google obviously likes Anne Lundon. Meanwhile, although my shouty rants from the cheap seats, political commentary and analysis, social observations and military history pieces mostly fall on stony ground I nonetheless get a cathartic pleasure in writing them and they're not going to stop. Anyway, knock yourselves out with the clip above..

Incidentally, anyone looking back on Baby Time with nostalgic rose tinted glasses may wish to take a reality check..... I can help with that too with this Mayday text conversation from a Dad in distress,