The Chosen Ones


We see a lot of cheap political point scoring over where and who with individuals in politics went to school. The specific suggestion being that Etonians are all members of some sort of mystical Masonic like, Knights Templar of the Golden Arch secret society. 

I'm not an OE so I wouldn't know but in my experience, OE's comprise many sorts of characters from a wide variety of backgrounds. Some have razor sharp intellects, some you could hammer six inch nails into their foreheads and it would make no difference. Many are completely affable and clubbable while you wouldn't trust others to walk your dog without the two of them falling out. The only thing they have in common are parents who are prepared to stump up thirty two grand a year for the pleasure of sending them there. 

Meanwhile, if we look for the source of these criticisms then we far too often find ourselves tracking back to the list of those who did PPE at Oxford and what a grand collection they are.

The problem however, is that far, far too many of the Westminster cabal come as a job lot from one place, have been educated in the same way by the same people. That includes politicians, advisors, lobbyists, policy wonks and most worrying of all, journalists who are never shy of telling us they are the unofficial guardians of freedom.

How any of this is supposed to create an environment of free thinking creative solutions to problems is beyond me. It's just all too cosy.

My, how I would love to see the list of Oxford PPE grads who now run Qango's. 

Eton isn't the problem; the PPE course at Oxford is.