The Future of Learning

The Future of Learning

In "Teachers Strike, Star-date 1973,"   I highlighted the Khan Academy, an on line library of video lessons created for school children across the world by Sal Khan.

I happen to believe that children today are smarter, more worldly and better informed than ever we were at the same age and have resolute conviction in their ability to build and prosper. 

Take a look at the enlightening video above by Ericsson which discusses the future of networked education. 

Our leading schools in the UK are already thundering down these tracks. Perhaps if the Government would wake up and exhibit some spark and imagination and invest in hi speed broadband rather than building a railway that no one wants for £80bn then all of our children, regardless of economic background, IQ, disability, ethnicity could have access to the very best educators in the world. 

The Tech revolution is accelerating and we're no where close to being with the programme as a country. The pinnacle of achievement for most schools is a ropey website and a few electronic white boards. Where though, is the aspiration to lead rather than follow?