The Newsroom Returns; Thank Goodness

A pretty compelling clip from The Newsroom Courtesy of HBO. 

Good news! The Newsroom returns this evening on Sky Atlantic at nine o'clock. How sad though, that the best comedy and drama television is now produced in the USA. Here, we subsist on what seems a death spiral of talentless talent shows, the sole aim of which appears to be to enrich Simon Cowell. The rest of the schedule is packed with cookery programmes, house improvement drivel, junk yard auctions and second rate costume drama which has now sunk to a level only marginally above the talent shows. All of this puerile rubbish is ever so slowly suffocating the wit and natural creativity that once flourished and challenged us in a sector where previously, we led the world. 

Moreover, there is no longer any justification whatsoever for sticking the taxpayer with a licence fee; there simply is no value or moral proposition there anymore. 

Still, if it weren't for bloody Downton Abbey, the Daily Telegraph would have nothing to write about on pages two, three and four.................  every bloody day.

Don't agree?............ then do please watch the clip for the first series of The Newsroom; it sells itself as well written, directed, acted and produced television that leaves you with some points to ponder.