Through the Night

Dick Davidson with a song he wrote 35 years ago in NI. Loving the Roy Orbison / George Harrison look there Dick.. Cover picture by the way is a patrol from 3 Pl heading out for a 3 day bimble around the countryside, heavily armed of course).

SF Base, S Armagh 1980 and no, I can't believe it's me either. Won't be seeing a 28'' waist again anytime soon...

We're at that time of year when we give pause to think and reflect. For anyone who has served, and their families, its a time of mixed emotion. There is pride, sorrow, regret, relief, sadness and yes, there is humour although it comes in strictly limited portions. Although the coming week is when we publicly remember the fallen it is also a time for intensely private and personal memory and reflection. We think not just of those who we lost in past generations on active service, and during our own time, but of friends and contemporaries who died in training accidents, in military RTA's or who have checked out since leaving, through mental or physical ill health resulting from service or just circumstances since.

Over to my old friend Dick then. We did a tour together a lifetime ago with A Coy, 1RHF. He's not saying anything more than we were young, sent to do a job in somewhat trying circumstances and we looked forward to coming home. It was ever thus.